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Degnan Law seeks to provide solutions for our clients.  Degnan Law has grown to include three experienced attorneys that practice Real Estate Law, Construction Law and Business Law. 

The Degnan Law team concentrates its practice on complex commercial litigation. Our team of attorneys guide clients through real estate litigation and business litigation. 

Your Arizona Real Estate Attorneys. 

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We are often asked what does a real estate attorney do?  Attorneys help with the following: 

  1. Real Estate Sale and Purchases
  2. Real Estate misrepresentation and non-disclosure claims. 
  3. HOA architectural committee appeals 
  4. HOA discrimination and collection lawsuits
  5. Boundary and border line disputes
  6. Wrongful liens on property.
  7. Insurance coverage and bad faith disputes
  8. Title Dispute Representation
  9. Commercial Landlord and Commercial Tenant Representation.
  10. Partnership disputes between co-owners and fractional owners.
  11. Really any fight related to the construction or co-ownership of property. 
  12. Construction defect and delay litigation
  13. Litigation, Appeals, and More!

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