-Proceed with Caution, The Unrealized  Cost of  Pursuing Liquidated Damages  Clause

-What you Need to Know about the Economic Loss Rule

-Satisfying a REALTORS Duty to  Disclose:  A Beginners Guide

-Pulte v. Sullivan Demystified: It’s Not as Bad as you Think

-10 E-Discovery (and Ethics) Tips for  Arizona Lawyers, with Lynda Shely.

- Controlling the Costs of Electronic Discovery for Government Attorneys

- Defending Sustainability: Managing A Builder’s Risks in Green Building, co-  author

- Accounting for the Costs of Electronic Discovery.

- The Expanding Duties of ESI and In-House Counsel: Providing Defensible  Preservation and Production Efforts after  Swofford v. Eslinger

-  Accessing Arizona’s Government: Open  Records Requests for Metadata and  Other Electronically Stored Information  after Lake v. City of Phoenix, 

-  The Forgotten Step in Electronic    Discovery: Admissibility

-  Seven Questions (and Some Answers)  on Electronic Discovery

-  Ephemeral Data: New Traps for the  Unwary

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